Technical Information

In order to operate our dresspack systems in the intended way and to get additional information we offer you various documents for download.

We offer information for our new LSH Delta as well as the LSH 3.

Please contact us in case of questions.


LSH 3 operating instructions

1. Equip the robot only with the provided hardware for installation of the LSH 3 system.

2. Use provided screws, spring washer and flat washers on defined positions.

3. Use designated torques for all screws as specified in: DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 / ANSI B18.3.1M

4. Please refer to specific installation manuals for side arm brackets.

5. Pay attention to correct loop length between rear bracket to J3 interface. Recommended range: 700 – 750 mm.

6. Pay attention to the max. stroke length of 350 mm. If red marking ring appears in front of double trumpet, max. stroke is reached. Do not extend any further.

7. Verify freedom of movement and clearance from peripherals of the entire LSH 3 system.

Disclaimer: Our warranty for failure-free operation of this product relies on the correct assembly and operation thereof in compliance with these operating instructions. It is imperative that these operating instructions are available and understood by the responsible service personnel. We do not accept liability for damages and malfunctions due to non-observance of these instructions.