Automation systems training

Your most valuable resources are your employees. BizLink automation systems training approach is designed to make sure your employees get the knowledge they need with minimal impact on productivity. 

Our systems approach focuses on the skills your employees need to be successful. BizLink develops custom training programs, delivered at your site or at our training facilities. 

BizLink builds your custom training curriculum based on a front-end analysis that encompasses:

  • Your student population (engineers, electricians, operators, maintenance technicians)
  • Your automation equipment (PLCs, robots, presses, VFDs, machine controls, HMIs, and safety systems)
  • Your applications and processes (robotic welding, sealing, material handling, press operation)
  • Your industry specific needs (automotive packaging, casting, forging, heavy equipment, aerospace, wastewater treatment, general manufacturing)

We incorporate classroom training with hands-on lab exercises, testing, and task verification.

Our training service offerings include:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Custom curriculum design and development
  • On-site training
  • Open enrollment training
  • Train-the-trainer (T3) programs
  • Training outsourcing
  • Training equipment sales and service
  • Immersive training at BizLink training centers

Robot training

We have developed training programs covering installation, operation, and maintenance of all the major robot manufacturers, and their respective applications. BizLink's robot training programs cover robot system troubleshooting, robot safety, robot operations, robot programming, robot electrical maintenance, and robot mechanical maintenance and preventive maintenance.

PLC training

Our programmable logic controller (PLC) training programs have included installation, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of PLCs from all the major OEMs, including Rockwell, Siemens and others. PLC training programs have covered PLC introduction, PLC maintenance and troubleshooting, PLC advanced communications, and PLC human machine interface (HMI).

Press system training

We developed custom press training programs for all major manufacturers, including WIA, JIER, Schuler, Verson, IHI, and Komatsu. Press training can include press operations, press electrical and mechanical maintenance, press automation, press predictive maintenance, and press PLC controls, among other topics.

Variable frequency drives (VFD) training

BizLink's variable frequency drive (VFD) training programs can start with a general drive introduction, continuing on to drive maintenance and troubleshooting with relevancy to all your employee groups, including maintenance technicians, skilled trades, operators, and engineers.

Vision training

We offer on- and off-site machine vision training and robotic training classes in the U.S.