Integration-ready robots & commissioning

Integration-ready industrial robots overview

We provide “Integration-Ready-Robots” including e. g. the robot dress, optimized dress packages, installed tools, installed process controllers, dense packs, electrical junction boxes etc. Amongst others we configure, set-up and test welding guns, software and Tool Center Point and also take care of the logistics.

Your advantage: one-stop

The path from developing processes to starting production is a long one, and is characterized by many points of interface between production and business systems. Once we have done our work and the function package is ready, all that is left for you to do is plug in and produce. This is how we operate: We plan for you and select only the best components. All the systems we design are assembled, set up and configured to your requirements. We take care of all coordination of components involved in the process, including the robot, and ensure that the corresponding programming, robot and tool calibration is in place. The brand of the robot – that you provide us with – does not matter.

When all tests have been faultlessly completed, the system is packed securely for transport and delivered to the set-up location. It is your choice where we assemble the system, either at our BizLink facilities, at your line builder or on-site. Thereafter, we will take care along with you of the final coordination and integration into the production process. We will familiarize your staff thoroughly with the system and, in the shortest possible amount of time, your robot will be welding its first spots, carrying out the handling and assembly tasks or commence calibrating or gluing.

We provide first-class support after production has successfully started as well: We train our customers’ employees, maintain the equipment and replace wear parts in a timely manner. This minimizes production downtime and saves a lot of expense. 

Should a problem arise nevertheless, BizLink customers have a prompt repair service at their disposal.

Your benefits with BizLink integration-ready robots:

  • Large robot storage capability
  • 48h notice on applications
  • Professional logistic management system: 24 h turn around (truck in / truck out)

BizLink creates the function packages based on customer’s request and specification for applications such as spot welding, inert gas welding, measuring, handling, and others. BizLink co-operates and supports integrators and line builders complying with your individual requests.

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* Products typically provided by customer


  • Electrical and mechanical expertise
  • Product design (i. e. cable, connector interface, dress pack support systems)
  • Software development
  • Specifications development
  • Custom system documentation
  • Revision drawing updates