Cobot Dresspack Offers End-of-Arm Flexibility, Hand-Guided Teaching

Collaborative robot (cobot) applications such as material handling, arc welding, removal, and 3D pick-and-place require high levels of flexibility.

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By combining engineering efforts during initial cobot development, FANUC and BizLink then teamed up to design a cable management solution specifically for Fanuc’s new CRX-10iA and CRX- 10iA/L robots. Through collaboration on this project both teams looked at various points thinking overall about the end users. These robots are easy to program and can install an effective yet cost-efficient cable management system, ensuring they can be integrated immediately into manufacturing facilities for use upon arrival.

Part of BizLink's B-Flex cable management dresspack line includes a new option for the Fanuc CRX Cobots offering a simple, but unique design allowing for more mobility, said Justin Bauer, Account Manager at BizLink.

“Because these cobots have an extremely wide range of motion, we designed a ball-and-joint J6 bracket that provides the necessary flexibility and mobility,” he said.

The modular design of the J6 bracket allows for different mounting positions with no offset or interference from the integrated connectors, and the bracket has a signal color for improved visibility. Furthermore, the unique J6 bracket allows for the tubing to freely wrap under the arm without the possibility of collision with other robots or machinery, which also prevents the tube from over rotating.

Ease of use represents a main system benefit. For example, BizLink's J6 bracket supports manual teaching of the robot. Operators can hand guide the arm to different points, and the robot self-programs based on those movements. The ability of the custom B-Flex dresspack to support manual teaching saves time, money, and effort for manufacturers looking to deploy a robot and automate processes as quickly as possible. Additionally, because the dresspack and robot were designed together, minimal parts are required for installation.

Another important consideration is ensuring that the robot remains collaborative, said Bauer. With a smooth, flexible design; BizLink dresspacks do not have rough edges or hard surfaces that present safety issues – allowing them to work alongside people.

Both Fanuc robots offer a payload of 10 kg while the CRX-10iA offers a 1249 mm reach and the CRX-10iA/L extends to 1418 mm. BizLink B-Flex dresspacks use special corrugated hoses in 23 mm and 29 mm diameter tubes and offer 360-degree rotation for demanding factory automation applications.