Fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cable BizLink blue

Fiber optic cables for wide ranging industrial applications

BizLink offers you cables with fiber-optic conductors made of glass (single and multi-mode), plastic optical fibers (POF), plastic cladded fibers (PCF) and large-core fibers (silica/silica). All fiber types are also available in a radiation resistant version.

We manufacture varying cable designs ranging from central-tube cables to breakout-cables with all core types, as well as with specific inner and outer jacket materials, customised according to your needs.

Industry cable systems for:

  • Automation and robotics (drag chains, Industrial Ethernet, bus systems, laser technology)
  • Sensor technology and analytics (measuring and control cabling)

Advantages at a glance:

  • EMC safety (electromagnetic fields and other interference fields have no impact)
  • high transmission band width
  • max. transmission distance
  • small dimensions and low weight

You will find further information on hybrid cables, which combine fiber-optic elements with copper-based transmission, at hybrid cable