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Robot Dresspacks Evolve as Automation Applications Expand

Many industrial robot applications, such as vision-guided pick and place or adhesive dispensing, require robots to have a high degree of rotation. To achieve this flexibility and avoid any limitations on the robot arm movement, BizLink offers three dresspack cable management systems to meet the high demands of today's industry standards.


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Flexible, Rugged Housing

BizLink Robotic Solutions USA, Inc. established itself as a dresspack leader with the introduction of the original Linear Spring Housing (LSH). This pack is made of rugged materials, which are installed and tested on every robot the company outfits. While many global customers have relied on the LSH 2 for their robot applications for years, BizLink’s LSH 3 dresspack provides a whole new layer of flexibility to customers. With LSH 3, the corrugated tube extends all the way to the exit point at axis 3, further protecting power and control systems within the umbilical. With an external design and a side-mount bracket, the tube makes the radius to the side mount and includes all internal components. In addition, the dresspack’s fully external design fits the size of the robot, simplifying the repair process while offering a smaller footprint, less weight, and a more rugged, flexible design.  

“While the original LSH and the LSH 2 still see use in plants around the world, the LSH 3 was designed to deliver a much more flexible and rugged dresspack that could withstand the challenging conditions and requests presented to us by our customers,” said David McCain, account manager at BizLink. “In fact, this dresspack was deployed alongside competitive products for 4 million cycles and was the only option to make it through without failure.”

Deploying in Harsh Environments

Different robotic applications require different dresspacks. For those using smaller robots, BizLink still offers the Slim Line System (SLS), which has a smaller footprint. For low- to medium-payload specialty applications — typically in dirty environments — BizLink offers the Linear Spring Cage (LSC) retract dresspack, which is available in 48-, 70-, and 95-mm widths.

“For applications deployed into harsh environments such as milling or sandblasting, the LSC dresspack can be reliably deployed and easily cleaned, without opening the system,” said David McCain. “As robot applications evolve and expand, it’s very exciting, but these applications will require flexible, reliable dresspacks along the way.”

He added, “BizLink dresspacks will be able to adapt to any robotic applications that emerge in the coming years — from electric vehicle manufacturing to food and beverage packaging and processing.”

For questions about BizLink’s LSH 3 dresspack, contact David McCain at David_McCain(ät)Bizlinktech.com or 248-484-5502.