Protect Your Automation System Investments With Training

For many manufacturers across the world, the past few years have been tumultuous. While political tensions and supply chain issues impacted production capacity, COVID-19 and its aftermath sent shockwaves through the industry. In addition to the persisting labor shortage, nearly one-third of the manufacturing workforce was over 55 years of age as of 2022, meaning the industry continues to lose veterans with decades of valuable knowledge by the day.

So, manufacturers are losing experienced employees and struggling to obtain new talent. In addition, they are faced with a modern dilemma when it comes to hiring: Companies can wait to find employees with relevant experience and pay them the wages they require — but finding the right people can be difficult — or, alternatively, companies can hire young, eager employees, train them in the skills required for the job, and allow them to grow over time, with salary increases coming as they gain experience and add value to a manufacturing process. For the many companies out there opting for the latter approach, BizLink can help.  

Minimize Downtime Through Knowledge 

Production-line breakdowns represent lost productivity and revenue, so it’s imperative that when these unplanned downtimes occur, companies have employees that can troubleshoot and keep the mean time to repair to a minimum. Manufacturers, such as those in the automotive industry, all have specific needs for their individual vehicle production lines, which is why it’s so important to have a holistic understanding of an automation system rather than just its individual components. 

“Robot training, for example, will provide students with in-depth, valuable skills on how to use that component and how it can be applied to a given application, but if a yellow light flashes and that error is related to a systems PLC, machine vision, press, or other mechanical equipment, employees need to understand how to quickly identify and address the issue,” said Jennifer St. John, Business Development Manager, Training, BizLink Industrial Solutions Business Group. “BizLink offers custom courses ranging from introductory- to advanced-level topics that offer a system-level approach to training.”

Training for Manufacturers and Systems Integrators 

Now offering open enrollment for 2024 automation systems training, BizLink has 17 experienced instructors that can teach 69 standard courses along with custom training options. Each class has a 2-to-1 student to equipment ratio, a maximum of eight students that undergo pre- and post-testing, and a range of different training equipment to learn on firsthand. These include robots, PLCs, machine vision, and HMI training devices from leading brands such as FANUC, ABB, Rockwell, Siemens, and Zebra Technologies. In addition, BizLink offers Siemens TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal trainers. BizLink Automation Systems Training delivers a 98% student pass rate and a 30% average knowledge increase, according to test pre- and post-test results.

In addition to its training for manufacturers, BizLink also offers custom training for systems integrators. For small- and mid-sized integrators, documentation can become a cumbersome process, with many companies forced to have application engineers do technical writing at the end of a project. 

“By partnering with BizLink, systems integrators can leave the documentation and training for the end user up to us, allowing them to move onto the building of their next system,” said St. John.

Learn more about BizLink Automation Systems Training. For questions on training, contact Jennifer St. John at Jennifer_st.john(ät) or (586) 553-2473.