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Flexible Robot Dresspack Solutions for an Increasingly Automated World

As supply chain issues mount and worker shortage problems persist, industrial automation technologies such as industrial robots become increasingly important to manufacturers. As companies automate more processes, the companies providing the technology that goes into the systems must adapt.

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A Need for Maneuverability

Innovative automation production processes are usually born out of necessity—such as when new manufacturing techniques like those used in electric vehicle manufacturing are required. For this to happen, however, component suppliers that help enable advanced automation technologies must also innovate. 

Take industrial robots for example. Applications such as adhesive dispensing or vision-guided pick-and-place tasks require a high degree of rotation on the robot, which requires a flexible dresspack — the protective housing that replaces the traditional method of dressing individual robots with loose bundles of cables and hoses.

"Integrators must be able to optimize the robot based on its own limitations and not the limitations of the dresspack,” said Stephanie Harvala, dresspack engineer, BizLink Robotic Solutions USA. "BizLink aims to provide dresspacks that integrate seamlessly and support the robot’s full capabilities across many diverse and unique applications."

Highly Adaptable, Simple Solutions

To suit the needs of the ever-evolving industrial automation landscape, BizLink provides custom, flexible dresspack solutions. In applications that require robot flexibility, for example, BizLink offers a cantilever solution that can reach up to 360 degrees of rotation with no contact. This provides the robot with the maneuverability to clean a nozzle away from a process or pick an item from a conveyor and place it into a container away from the process.

“From axis 1 of the robots all the way to axis 6, BizLink dresspacks do not limit the articulation capabilities of robots,” said Jose Carrasco, account manager, BizLink Robotic Solutions USA.

As cantilever dresspack solutions provide more adjustability, their installation process contains more steps to meet customers exact needs. For applications that do not require such a high level of dresspack flexibility, BizLink makes a base basket that offers a simpler solution. While these dresspacks deliver up to 115 degrees of rotation, the installation process typically just involves putting the tubes inside the base basket system and making the proper connections.

Rugged Testing for Reliable Products

While having different dresspack options for robotics applications is nice, companies must know that their solution will last. BizLink puts all dresspacks through rigorous paces, including a 4 million cycle test for the full dresspack, according to Harvala.

“With our most recent dresspack, we took it to 5.2 million cycles with zero signs of wear on the cables and hoses in the system,” she said. “With new products, we always do our due diligence to ensure that it is ready for deployment on a globally commercial scale.”

BizLink’s dresspacks allow for a customizable automation experience. For specific questions, contact Jose Carrasco by email at Jose_Carrasco@bizlinktech.com or by phone at 248-484-5539.