Evolving Robotic Systems Require Flexible Cable and Hose Protection

Amid ongoing labor shortages, industrial automation remains as important as ever. As automation technologies advance, systems integrators and OEMs continue to find new and innovative automation applications, helping companies maintain or increase productivity to keep up with customer demands and remain competitive in the face of uncertainty. For this to work, however, the technologies that make up automation systems need to evolve as well.

The Robot Evolution Continues

In 2023, the industrial robot market is expected to grow by 7% to more than 590,000 units worldwide, according to the World Robotics 2023 report from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). This growth is expected to continue moving forward, as the IFR predicts incremental growth over the next few years. Ongoing labor shortages and a resurgence in automotive manufacturing represent a few growth drivers, but overall, industrial automation technologies will only become more crucial to businesses worldwide over time.

To that end, BizLink offers robotic dresspacks to suit any industrial application. One is the LSH 3 premium dresspack, which has a corrugated tube that extends all the way to the exit point at axis 3, further protecting power and control systems within the tube. This tube features a side-mount bracket and an external design that fits the size of the robot, which simplifies repairs while offering a smaller footprint, less weight, and more strength and flexibility.

Completing the family of world-leading dresspacks is the newly launched LSH Delta retract system, which combines adjustable flexibility, reliable performance, reduced weight, and installation advantages for standard customer requirements across a wide range of industries. The dresspack was designed to work with robots from leading brands, so it can be seamlessly integrated with a customer’s preferred robot and today’s most diverse robotic applications. The dresspack, according to Ulrich Raupach, director of sales and business development at BizLink’s Robotic Solutions Business Unit, is the result of extensive research and development, based on feedback from leading automotive customers worldwide.

Dresspacks for Diverse Applications

LSH Delta — which officially launched in the U.S. on October 4 at BizLink’s annual Oktoberfest networking event — offers a maximum extension length of 350 mm (13.79 inches), is made of a strong polymer-based material with fiberglass reinforcement, and weighs just 4.1 kg, without compromising on strength and durability. The dresspack can be opened and closed without tools, which streamlines maintenance and operational processes, and the system can be adjusted on the base plate using slide and click technology, which reduces installation time. There are also options for fine-tuning once the dresspack is deployed.

The new dresspack measures 719 mm (28.31 inches) in length and 183 mm (7.21 inches) in width and offers different spring intensities for optimal flexibility. The base plate design uses letter coding, from A to F, indicating the mounting positions for specific robot types. While the initial design supports FANUC robots, in early 2024 BizLink will launch a base plate design for both the LSH Delta and LSH 3 dresspack that supports ABB and KUKA robots. In addition, while the current LSH Delta features a 70 mm diameter corrugated hose, BizLink will launch a compact version with a 48 mm diameter hose in early 2024.

“Robot systems today are automating increasingly more applications, from automotive to beyond the factory floor. But no matter the application, these systems require flexible, durable dresspack solutions that protect everything inside them, replacing the old methods of attaching loose bundles of cables and hoses to a robot,” said David Jack, account manager at BizLink Robotic Solutions USA. “LSH Delta was designed specifically to address this concern in some of the most diverse applications of today.”

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