BizLink Robotic Solutions USA Provides First Custom Technical Training for Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

BizLink Robotic Solutions USA currently has a technical training curriculum in place at a leading EV manufacturer’s site for production operators and maintenance technicians.

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Like the ICE (internal combustion engine) automotive manufacturing before it, EV (electric vehicle) production leans heavily on advanced technologies such as robotics, machine vision, and industrial computing for automating processes. With EV popularity rising among consumers, production must ramp up. With that comes the need for technical training of employees who can maintain and troubleshoot plant floor automation systems and equipment to keep the assembly lines running.

BizLink Robotic Solutions USA offers custom technical training specifically designed to do just that. BizLink currently has a technical training curriculum in place at a leading EV manufacturer’s site for production operators and maintenance technicians. The program – BizLinks first ever at an EV manufacturer site –encompasses all the automation systems used to assemble vehicles, including robots, PLCs (programmable logic controllers), and robotic dresspacks, according to their Training Sales Expert.

“We provide employee onboarding and training as part of the EV manufacturer’s larger curriculum,” they said. “Training covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced classes on operational programming, and troubleshooting of PLCs and robotics, as well as robotic electric maintenance, advanced joining and dispense techniques, preventive maintenance, and mechanical tear down.”

Single-source and customizable curricula

Ultimately, the goal of the program is to enable the EV company’s technicians to handle the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of their automation systems. But BizLink has also helped the manufacturer facilitate the purchase of the technical training equipment and developed a custom curriculum and lab activities around that equipment, according to their Training Sales Expert.

This EV training program covers the specific needs of the EV manufacturer.  BizLink can work together with companies, providing similar training programs that is customized for their individual needs. For instance, BizLink Robotic Solutions USA designs training environments that look like what employees will see on their plant floor, with lab activities that align with their automation systems — not just a generic layout and training content, a key differentiator from other programs. And while technology providers such as those manufacturing robots or PLCs offer training on their equipment as well, BizLink offers a single-source training solution that provides real-world information.

“We’re not going to just teach you about one facet of the system. We are going teach you about the whole system — with a focus on the must-know information to reduce downtime and improve mean-time-to-repair,” said their Training Sales Expert. “Someone taking a robot class from the OEM manufacturer may not necessarily learn how the PLC communicates to the robot and how the robot talks back to the PLC, as they will in our class, for example.”

Straight from the source

Anonymous student evaluations from the EV manufacturer may help paint a clearer picture in terms of the program’s value for employees.

“I can use the knowledge gained in this class for 100% of my job,” said one student. “The hands-on labs were the best part of the course, but really there was nothing I didn’t like about the course.”

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