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BizLink Robotic Solutions USA Produces its 100,000th Robot Dresspack

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More than ever before, robots deployed in factories and warehouses all over the globe help automate processes while increasing throughput and driving revenue for industries of all types. As advanced automation technologies like robots become more popular, so too do associated components and solutions such as robot dresspack cable management solutions. BizLink Robotic Solutions USA recently reached 100,000 dresspacks produced to date. And the production continues.

Growth Areas

Several new applications have recently emerged, which has helped the overall market grow. These include electric vehicle manufacturers deploying robotic systems for battery production and e-commerce and retail companies deploying systems in logistics, warehousing, and fulfillment for tasks such as pick and place, packing, and palletizing. Automation has also increased in areas the technology has traditionally served, such as internal combustion engine (ICE) automotive manufacturing. In these areas, said David Jack, Account Manager, BizLink Robotic Solutions USA, companies have seen BizLink dresspacks evolve over the years.

“Companies in areas such as automotive have seen the evolution of the dresspacks from the early days of just an umbilical to the first retract LSH 2 system, all to the way to the current LSH 3 dresspack, which has everything exposed and fits the footprint of a robot perfectly,” he said.

Evolving Innovations

BizLink Robotic Solutions USA retractable LSH 3 dresspacks feature a fully external design and allow the corrugated tube to extend all the way to the exit point, protecting the robot’s power and control systems. The LSH 3 also features a side-mount bracket in addition to the external design, allowing the tube to make the radius to the side mount with all internal components included. Previous dresspacks included nonretractable umbilicals that came in one length and required engineers to adjust both Joint 3 (J3) and Joint 6 (J3) on the robot. These designs ultimately required more time for optimization and maintenance, according to Jack.

“Today the LSH 3 is an engineered solution that is always placed on a robot in the same spot, only requiring the optimization of J6 — the end of arm tooling where the bracket is placed — and off you go,” he said. “Ease of optimization is increased and it’s just overall a more user-friendly package with minimal maintenance to keep it running.”

Looking toward other potential applications for the future, Jack noted that BizLink Robotic Solutions USA dresspacks offer ultimate versality for automation applications of all types.

“There really aren’t robotic applications that BizLink dresspacks can’t adapt to, whether packing, paint, or food and beverage,” said Jack. “The field is wide open for it.”

Information on all BizLink dresspack solutions can be found here.

For questions about dresspacks, contact David Jack by email at dave_jack(ät)bizlinktech.com or phone at 248-346-5458.