Needs analysis

Training starts with analysis of your employees, automation technology

With today's manufacturing environment becoming more technologically advanced, the need for skills enhancement is a critical part of your asset management program. A custom automation training program is the most efficient and effective way for your workforce to gain the knowledge needed to effectively maintain, troubleshoot, and reduce critical downtime.

A designed approach does the following:

  • Targets the automation training to your plant's specific applications
  • Reduces the amount of time needed to train your employees
  • Creates value by containing costs
  • Reduces administration tasks
Sign with training needs analaysis

Our automation systems training builds your custom training curriculum and materials based on a front-end analysis that looks at your students (engineers, electricians, operators, maintenance technicians, skilled trades), your automation equipment (PLCs, robots, presses, variable frequency drives (VFDs), machine controls, HMIs, and safety systems), your applications and processes (robotic welding, sealing material handling, press operation, material handling), and the specific needs of your industry (automotive, packaging, casting, forging, heavy equipment, aerospace, wastewater treatment, general manufacturing). We follow up classroom training with hands-on lab exercises, testing, and task verification. BizLink provides pre- and post testing as well as task certification with hands-on demonstrations of skills to ensure knowledge gained.

Working closely with major OEM customers, we have provided the following courses:

Robotics for most major robot manufacturers, including the latest equipment:

  • Robot safety – including operators, trades & engineering
  • Robot operations – including operators, trades & engineering
  • Robot programming & troubleshooting – including trades & engineering
  • Robot electrical maintenance – including trades & engineering
  • Robot mechanical maintenance and preventive maintenance – including mechanical trades


Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for Rockwell and Siemens

  • PLC introduction – including operators & trades
  • PLC maintenance & troubleshooting – including operators & trades
  • PLC advanced communications – including trades & engineering
  • PLC human machine interface (HMI) – including operators, trades & engineering


Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

  • Drive introduction – including operators, electrical & mechanical trades
  • Drive maintenance & troubleshooting – including trades & engineering

We are an industry-leading provider of automation systems training for fully integrated robots, PLCs, and press systems in the automotive, packaging, casting, forging, heavy equipment, aerospace, wastewater treatment and general manufacturing industries.