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The FieldLink-product family provides you with the optimum solution for all common bus systems: be they AS-Interface, PROFIBUS or PROFINET /Industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet applications. We are there for you at all levels of automation. As a member of various associations and user organisations we are always at the hub of activities in this field and thus actively contribute to the further development of automation technology.

Possible characteristics:

  • Flame retardant
  • Weld splatter resistant
  • Highly flexible
  • Permanent installation
  • Halogen free
  • Silicon free



    • Sunlight resistant
    • Oil resistant
    • Cold resistant
    • Chemical resistant
    • Trailing cable with up to 10 million bending cycles
    • RoHS compliant

    FieldLink® green PROFINET cables


    With the new PROFINET green cables, BizLink understands the importance of sustainability without comprising performance and developed two cable types with outer jackets based on plant material.

    The cables are available with a PUR and PVC jacket both engineered with raw materials derived from plants rather than fossil fuels.

    The PUR version is designed for trailing application according to PROFINET type C and withstands more than 3 mio bending cycles.

    The PVC jacket is for flexible applications according to PROFINET type B.

    More detailed information can be found in our new

    Product flyer

    FieldLink® Single Pair Ethernet cables (SPE)

    With the SPE cable products, BizLink offers a solution which is standardized according to IEC 61156-x for trailing, torsion and robotic applications as well as special solutions that combine Single Pair Ethernet with various other elements (hybrid cables).

    The product portfolio includes two basic types with 22 AWG and 26 AWG conductors. The 22 AWG variant is characterised by exceptionally good loss. The cable with 26 AWG is particularly suitable if less space is available for the cable.


    • Electrical power up to 1 GBit/s at 600MHz
    • Data transmission up to 40 meters (1 GBit/s) and up to 1000 m (10 MBit/s)
    • Trailing- and torsion resistant
    • Oil resistant
    • Designed for harsh industrial environments
    • PoDL (Power over Data Line) support
    • Available in various jacket materials:  PUR, FRNC, PVC, FEP
    • UL and  CSA / CPR approvals

    BizLink Special Cables Germany GmbH is founding member of Single Pair Ethernet INDUSTRIAL PARTNER NETWORK.

    FieldLink® Industrial Ethernet / PROFINET cables

    Industrial Ethernet has defined the trends in industrial communication for more than 20 years. It is and will remain the standard for Ethernet networks when taking into account the special demands in industrial environments.

    PROFINET enables rapid and secure data transfer on all levels and thereby facilitates innovative machinery and plant concepts. Due to its flexibility and openness, PROFINET provides the user with maximum freedom in designing machinery and plant architecture.

    Depending on the intended use, the cable needs to withstand the mechanical, chemical and thermal loads and simultaneously has to maintain the defined transfer properties.

    BizLink has proactively responded to the growing demand for industrial-quality Ethernet cabling by introducing multifaceted FieldLink cable solutions, which, thanks to their robustness, can be deployed in a variety of industrial environments.

    The Ethernet bus cable range from Cat 5e up to cat 7 is available with twisted pair or with quad elements. Ethernet cables for permanent installation are designed with solid copper conductors. For flexible applications, BizLink offers an extremely flexible Industrial trailing patch cable with fine-strand conductors.

    Next to the Industrial Ethernet standard we support the PROFINET standard which is mechanically characterised by a very robust star-quad cable construction. PROFINET cables are available as type A, B and C. All FieldLink® bus cables for PROFINET are available with the ES (easy to strip) feature, which reduces significantly the time of installation.

    BizLink Special Cables Germany GmbH is a member of PROFIBUS International.

    Flyer PROFINET type R

      Type overview PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet cables:

      Order no. L45467-J15-B15

      For rodent protection

      Order no: L45467-J16-B56

      Order no. L45467-J17-B46

      Order no. L45467-J17-B78

      Order no. L45467-J17-B115

      Order no. L45467-J17-K18

      Order no. L45467-J116-C6

      Order no. L45467-J415-K28

      FieldLink® PROFIBUS cables

      In the industrial automation the PROFIBUS is one of the most successful Fieldbus standards worldwide and is especially developed for the communication between automation systems and decentralized peripheral equipment in the field area.

      PROFIBUS bus cables connect digital field devices at the sensor/actuator level to higher level components. BizLink provides today a variety of FieldLink PROFIBUS cables e.g. cables with an armour jacket for rodent protection or a PROFIBUS solution with corrugated copper tube for an increased electromagnetic compatibility.

      PROFIBUS ES cables (Easy Strip) can be quickly and easily cut to length and terminated on-site with the PROFIBUS ES system for fast installation.BizLink developed special types of PROFIBUS cables in accordance with the PROFIBUS specification.

      BizLink Special Cables Germany GmbH is a member of PROFIBUS International.

      FieldLink® DeviceNet cables

      In North America, DeviceNet* has established itself as the leading bus system for automation technology. To live up to the demands of the US market, all DeviceNet cables have the American UL approval. This means that all of the products can be exported overseas without difficulty.

      These cables are suitable for fixed and flexible installation. The flexible installation types feature a PVC or flame-retarding halogen-free (FRNC) external sheath. PUR or PVC sheath material is used for flexible wiring applications. This is suitable for use in mechanical engineering or robotics. Sunlight and oil resistant are two additional features of our DeviceNet cable types.

      * DeviceNetTM is a registered trademark of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association

      FieldLink® CC-Link cables

      CC-Link* is the leading open network in Japan and Asia generally. It is also becoming well accepted in both Europe and North America thanks to its ease of use, strong productivity features and high performance. CC‑Link offers a comprehensive open network architecture that reaches from enterprise IT connectivity to simple digital I/O on the shop floor. It has a global installed base of nearly 11,000,000 nodes.

      Thanks to a large number of automation devices of various manufacturers, communication can take place across a single cable and thereby enable consistent and effective production.

      BizLink Special Cables Germany is a member of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA).

      * CC-Link is a registered trademark of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

      FieldLink® AS-Interface cables

      In the factory automation the AS-Interface system is used in various sectors and is developed as an alternative to conventional parallel wiring of the sensors and actuators. The yellow profile cable is an unshielded flat cable with 2-cores. It transfers data and power for actuators and sensors. For particular applications additional black cables are used.

      BizLink Special Cables Germany is a member of the AS-International Association e.V.



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