Feedback cables for Motion Control

FieldLink® MC feedback cables

for drives applications

In order to provide information to every drive device in a factory, BizLink offers all current feedback cable types for up to date motion control standards and standardization according to UL, CSA and DESINA. FieldLink® MC feedback cables supply the connected drive with the necessary data and programming to its performance. The cables also provide the information for positioning and control in order to put the drive into operation.

Digital feedback cables

With the help of BizLink designed feedback cables transmitting so-called electronic identification plates, cutting-edge drive modules can be commissioned without time-consuming installation procedures. The highly sensitive feedback cables not only transmit all digital drive parameters to the transformers, they constantly supply all technical and logistical information to central control. When integrating drive systems into their overall setup, operators profit from drastically shortened installation times and, as a result, significant cost advantages. 

One of the most important features of the new high-quality cables is the excellent quality of transmission, achievable only with maximum precision in design and production. Since even the smallest differences in signal propagation delay cause severe performance drops, the production of braids, cores and stranding elements is subject to minimum tolerance concerning all essential machine and stranding parameters. Special-purpose Foamskin moulding of the core insulation counteracts even the slightest pressure fluctuations. The use of corrosion-resistant, high-end shielding materials guarantees consistent dampening characteristics, especially during long-term operation under extreme mechanical stress.

BizLink offers feedback cable in two versions: 

Both versions present themselves as highly suited for industrial application. They are oil-resistant and flame-retardant as well as RoHS-conformant and of course certified by all typical UL and CSA standards.