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Training for E-Commerce Company Improves Warehouse Automation

While the custom technical training offered by BizLink Robotic Solutions USA often skews toward automotive manufacturing, the company’s expertise extends beyond the realm of automobiles. Warehousing tasks such as robotic picking, sorting, and packaging involve disparate technologies and technical proficiencies, and company engineers aren’t always well versed in all facets of such advanced applications. In such scenarios, BizLink Robotic Solutions USA can help.

Toward More Efficient Installation

A major e-commerce company looking for specialized robotic training recently completed its first custom training with BizLink Robotic Solutions USA engineers. The company utilizes robotic cells that scan package barcodes and help move packages along for distribution within the warehouse. The company’s robotic engineers are heavily involved in the deployment of these automated robotic cells, which go through a system validation and testing process.

To improve robotic operations, BizLink Robotic Solutions USA developed a four-day, system-level training program that allows company engineers to more efficiently set up and optimize robotic cells across all warehouse distribution centers. “In essence, the company brought in BizLink to leverage our specialized expertise in robot system design, integration, and maintenance,” said Darrell Cope, training sales expert and key account manager for BizLink Robotic Solutions USA.


Four-Day Custom Program

Courses were designed according to the customer’s specific application. They covered safe operation of the robot cell, robotic programming and workflow, and principles of input/output communication and manipulation. In addition, the training included a hardware overview, covering the robot cabinet and controller, physical connections, reaching payload, and end-of-arm tooling. The training also covered safe I/O devices, dual check safety, and software safety, and included an overview of cell and robot operations.

Due to the success of the training, the company’s engineers can now more efficiently set up and optimize automated robotic cells at multiple warehouse locations. “After the completion of the first training program, the company is now seeking a comprehensive robotic safety curriculum from BizLink, which will include yearly certification and testing,” said Cope.