Onward and Upward to Automate

Not long ago, as 2023 came to a close, I wrote to you with an optimistic outlook for 2024. At that time, I highlighted our continued growth and expressed our excitement about finding new ways to reduce downtime, increase production, and improve ROI to make automation technologies more accessible to our customers.

Our strategic moves have included moving storage spaces to external locations to free up space for increased dresspack production. This of course required us to invest in new equipment to boost  production. In 2024, as part of our effort to continually grow, we’ve made additional investments to enable more efficient production with sustainability in mind. We’ve taken it a step further by purchasing our Lake Orion, Michigan, location. This will enable us to allocate further investments, aiming to enhance our efficiency and throughput, thereby assisting you in enhancing yours.

When it comes to boosting efficiencies, we've made significant strides over the past year in embracing a deeper Kaizen philosophy and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Our initial focus on root cause analysis and educating all staff members on Kaizen principles has yielded remarkable success. Our inclusive approach allows every member of our organization to contribute ideas and feedback as we progress together on our journey of improvement. Our current Kaizen Production System places strong emphasis on maintaining top-notch quality and refining processes across all departments. Our dedication to continuous improvement showcases our commitment to excellence in our products and services, enhancing customer relationships, and driving innovation in our technologies.

Exciting Announcements in Chicago

At Automate 2024, taking place from May 6–9, visitors to Booth 1236 will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the results of some of our recent additional investments. Among these is our latest dresspack, the LSH Delta retract system. This innovative dresspack, weighing 4.1 kg (9lbs), features a maximum extension length of 350 mm (13.79 inches) and is crafted from a durable polymer-based material reinforced with fiberglass. The LSH Delta base plate is equipped with letter coding, from A to F, indicating the mounting positions for supported robot types, including those from FANUC, ABB, and KUKA.

Attendees can also immerse themselves in an exciting firsthand experience of our training capabilities through a virtual reality (VR) demonstration in our booth. By donning a pair of VR goggles, visitors can embark on a virtual walkthrough of our training facility in Lake Orion, gaining insight into how we can support their businesses through customized or on-demand automation training. Moreover, Automate attendees can anticipate a brand-new announcement regarding our efforts to make automation training even more accessible to diverse businesses worldwide.

As always, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that the remainder of the year will bring and are committed to supporting our customers in achieving their automation objectives. Should you have any inquiries, feedback, or wish to schedule a meeting at Automate, please do not hesitate to contact us today.